Convenience Store Vendors

Give your customers the satisfying treats they’ve been looking for

Aunt Beth’s baked goods mean business - Seven days a week!

Nothing is more tempting than fresh, flavorful baked goods. Aunt Beth’s baked goods are as tantalizing to your customers’ eyes as they are to their taste buds. Always fresh, Aunt Beth’s baked goods are ready to thaw and sell – and we provide your employees with easy-to-follow instructions on how to thaw, display and rotate the products for maximum freshness and highest turnover.

There is no baking necessary, so the risk of employees under baking or over baking – is completely eliminated. That means higher profits for you, with no extra labor or equipment costs. Aunt Beth’s Cookies are shipped fully baked and have a display case shelf life of 4 days and frozen shelf life of 8 months – 1 year. Aunt Beth’s cookies are delicious at room temperature, but for that “out of the oven” goodness, microwave thawed cookie for 8 to 10 seconds.

Our “from scratch” batch products are baked to perfection with only the highest-quality ingredients and no added preservatives. Once your customers taste the difference, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Displaying Aunt Beth’s Cookies in your bakery case will keep it looking nice all day even after your donuts and Danish have sold out.  Aunt Beth’s Cookies sell all day, generating more sales and profits for your store.

Call today or email and ask for your local representative to show you how to increase your profits and repeat business today, with the fastest- growing thaw-and-sell cookie program in the Midwest.