Get Well Cookies

There are several ways to communicate with those we care about, especially when our loved ones aren’t feeling well.  We need not only resort to verbally sending our well wishes or the conventional arrangement of flowers and balloons. A well thought out gift can mean just as much, or arguably more.  

Choosing a meaningful gift, however, does not need to be an excruciating process. believes that sending get well soon cookies is a catalyst for healing. 
The benefits of sending get well cookies as a gift are immense and far reaching for anyone who may be ill. For those who are in hospitals or nursing homes, receiving a batch of tasty and delectable cookies can make the world of a difference. Aunt Beth’s cookies have a homemade taste that can truly lift the spirits of a loved one who has not had the opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked meal in a while. Even those who are not severely sick can benefit from receiving a few of Aunt Beth’s cookies. You can brighten a dear friend’s day and boost their morale by sending them a tasty treat with a customizable message. 
Ordering online can be a breeze. All you have to do is visit and pick the size, quantity and type of cookies to be sent. There are twelve different kinds of cookies to choose from including Chocolate Chip and Chunk, Iced Sugar, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Triple Chocolate Mudslide Cookies. Cookies come in 1 ounce, 2 ounce or 2.5 ounce sizes and can be ordered in sets of 2 to 4 dozen cookies. You can mix and match 2 or 4 types of cookies or stick to one flavor. Each order comes in a beautifully decorated gift box and is shipped the next day to ensure freshness. Shipments go out 7 days a week and are free of cost! 
Sending someone one of the most delicious get well soon packages can be easy and worthwhile! Next time someone dear to you gets sick, be sure to brighten up their day with Aunt Beth’s Cookies! 
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