Aunt Beth’s Cookies Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aunt Beth’s Cookies so special? It’s just a cookie, right?

With all the different kinds of cookies out there, it’s easy to believe that there’s very little difference from place to place. At Aunt Beth’s, however, we believe in making cookies that are the highest of quality. Cookies made in smaller batches that are soft, slightly chewy yet very tender, and packed with flavor. We use fresh local eggs cracked in house, the highest quality vanilla, real butter, and sugar that comes locally from Michigan. The premium chocolate chips and cocoa we use is made in Chicago. Our cookies are baked fresh daily, and then the cookies are flash frozen to lock in their flavor. When they are thawed, they taste just like they did the day they came out of the oven. Cookies can also be warmed slightly in the oven or microwave if desired.

Our cookies have been baked using the same time-tested recipes for decades. And while we love looking at new trends, there is simply nothing better than a simple, tasty, and well-made cookie.

How long does Aunt Beth’s Cookies stay fresh?

Since our product is frozen, it will last at least 9 months if kept frozen. When thawed and wrapped, cookies will last about 4-5 days.

Who buys Aunt Beth’s cookies?

Since Aunt Beth’s is a wholesale distributor, you have probably had our cookies in the past and may have not noticed. This is because not only do our cookies taste great, but they also freeze well and thaw quickly. This is perfect for caterers, restaurants, ballparks, and anywhere else cookies can be found. Customers want great quality, taste, and convenience, and no one does it better than Aunt Beth’s Cookies.

Does Aunt Beth’s do specialty cookies?

Because we are a wholesaler, we do not do specialty cookies. We stick with what we are good at, which are the classic cookies that everyone knows and loves.

What are your most popular flavors?

Our Chocolate Chip & Chunk cookie is by far the most popular. Other favorites include Macadamia White Chocolate, Triple Chocolate Mudslide, and Peanut Butter.

Does Aunt Beth’s have a store front?

Unfortunately since we sell our products as wholesale, we do not have a store front. There are several places that you can get our cookies, anywhere from one cookie to thousands of cookies! Please give us a call, and we can direct you.

Does Aunt Beth’s do corporate gifts and fundraisers?

Yes! We have gift boxes that are perfect as corporate gifts and for school fundraisers. We have been very successful working with schools in creating an easy fundraiser for everyone.  Please contact us if you are interested.